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Inland Transportation

  Daiho Sea& Air Co., Ltd. offers efficient and reliable inland transport services.

  With high-tech management system (SMARTLO), you can confirm not only a freight route and a receipted area but also real time location.

  Daiho Sea& Air Co., Ltd. has adopted further advanced system so we can deliver your cargo safely and accurately.
 Interval timetable service

 Tracking services
    (We offer arrival information and a delivery
    route in real time for safety.)

 BPN(Business Process Network)
    (We connect each affiliated organization.)

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Head office
Daiho Sea & Air Co., Ltd.
Fl.5 SunYang Bldg., Nonhyun-dong 49, Kangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Zip code 135-010
Tel 82-2-754-1500
Fax 82-2-754-1502
E-Mail daiho@daihosea.co.kr

Busan branch
Daiho Sea & Air Co., Ltd. Busan office
Rm 301, Esan B/D, 81-11, 4Ga, Chungang-Dong, Busan, Korea
Tel 82-51-468-2194
Fax 82-51-465-5194
E-Mail dsark3633@yahoo.co.kr