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Bulk Shipment

    Daiho Sea & Air Co Ltd. has a lot of experience with general bulk cargo
    including iron ore, truck, crane and so on.

      Manage and coordinate bulk cargo movements from origin to destination.

      Transport heavy machinery and many vehicles.

      Arrange vessel chartering service.

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Head office
Daiho Sea & Air Co., Ltd.
Fl.5 SunYang Bldg., Nonhyun-dong 49, Kangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Zip code 135-010
Tel 82-2-754-1500
Fax 82-2-754-1502
E-Mail daiho@daihosea.co.kr

Busan branch
Daiho Sea & Air Co., Ltd. Busan office
Rm 301, Esan B/D, 81-11, 4Ga, Chungang-Dong, Busan, Korea
Tel 82-51-468-2194
Fax 82-51-465-5194
E-Mail dsark3633@yahoo.co.kr